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This application is great for part-time RV'ers and a must have for a full timer Rv'er like myself.It will find any Good Sam RV Park and cross reference to see if it also a "Passport America RV Park" and the same the other way around also shows the passport notes and restrictions.It show if there are any Wal-mart it that city it also has a option to Navigate to the campsite without leaving the app plus has traffic view to see the current traffic on that street making picking a route alot easier.You can also uses the satellite view and see the layout and the way the campsite looks before going there.With State map view you can see all the parks in that state at once. The Wal-mart function will tell you if that Wal-mart allows overnight camping or not.It will also locate any Pilot/FlyingJ and tell you the exits number or you can uses the Navigate function built in to the app.It also has a Camping World locator and a propane station's locator that can handle large RV's. Lastly it has a great built in RV Checklist that you can add and delete your own items to.

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